Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Baker girl

Hello, hello my crafty Friends!

I had busy day today - kinda 😊. Breakfast,  walking my son to school, then run to shop to change desk easel as one I bought was cracked on one side and drawer didn't work properly, then had just few minutes to reach place where I am attending my crafty/artsy course... 3 hours there (update about it soon), then shopping, house stuff, picking Dom from school, dinner and then finally I could sit and finish my card 😊.

I choose image called 'Baker girl' or 'Pastelera' from Kinda Cute by Patricia. If you are fans of clear silicone stamps you'll find it here , if you prefer digi - you can find it here between Patricia's freebies for her newsletter subscribers.

And now.. without further ado...

I coloured image with mix of pinks and blues with bit of red, brown and cream. For this card I used 3 patterned papers and 'Just because' sentiment. For finishing touch I added 3 pink gems.

Hope you like my little DT project.

Till  next post Friends!

Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Oil pastels

Hiya Crafties!

Today update from my learning front :)

Last week lesson was about oil pastels.

They are so similar in feeling to crayons... and definitely very challenging as a drawing media.

I can tell you one thing - I had fun!

Learning about techniques 😊.  Lots of scribbling and doodling etc.

Fruits 😊. They even looks almost like the real ones I was attempt to draw haha!

My next group of objects to draw wasn't easy... bottle and jug... tried my best but... background dominating on picture.. again 😁. Need to remember only kinda sketch background and concentrate on main thing.

Definitely lots to learn and loads of practice in front of me 😊.

That's all for today peeps!

Till next post friends! 

Monday, 12 March 2018

For you card

Hello Crafties!

Today my newest DT card for Conie Fong Art and Design.

I decided to use image called Feeling Fabulous, which you can find here and play a bit with colours.

I wanted this card bit different, more colourful, looking happy and kinda 'Spring' feeling if you know what I want to say by that.

I was thinking blond or red hair? Hmmm... Making any of it could be easy for me as I hardly using other hair colours on my cards... I don't feel comfy with blacks and browns... so...

I decided to make this girl brown haired - challenge? Why not :)

Looks ok for me :)

Then I dug through paper pads and choose one floral (roses) and one with watercolour effect.

I tore up the multicolour paper into two pieces and stick both pieces on floral paper as you can see. Then cut to required size, add lace and stick to card base. Next was adding image and sentiment on foam pads and then for finishing touch I glued 2 wooden butterflies near floral bit on right side of card.

What do you think about it?

I want to enter it to:

That's all for today!

Till next post Friends!

Friday, 9 March 2018

Easter Bunny girl :)

Hello, hello Crafties!!!

Finally started with Easter cards :) Sooo late!!!

For my first one I choose cute digi from Kinda Cute by Patricia called Easter girl, which you can find here.

Idea for it: 2 patterned papers, image and sentiment... last one was problematic :) I went through whole my crafty stash to find Easter sentiment and... found only one (should have at least 2) - vintage style, but decided this one is actually perfect for my little project :)


Without further ado...

Prismacolors used to colour this cutie are:
* skin: PC939, PC013, PC927, PC938
* hair: PC1098, PC1084, PC1034, PC938
* Headband and costume: PC928, PC1018, PC1014, PC1061, PC1060, PC1059, PC938
* bag: PC928, PC1018, PC1014, PC938, eggs in bag: PC995, PC915, PC918.

And what do you think about this little card?

I want to enter it to:

Till next post Friends!!!

Thursday, 8 March 2018

Dark lilies

Hiya Crafties!

Did you saw image called Dark Lilies created by Ching Chou Kuik?

I love it!

When friend asked me for card for Mother's Day for her Dad's partner straight away I thought about Ching's image (you can find it here ).

She wanted card in purples and pinks so... here what I've made:

To colour this beauty I used Prismacolors pencils. 

Decided to use 2 pinky and 1 purple papers for this project. 

As recipient of this card is not my friend's Mum or Stepmum, but she likes her - we decided to add 'For someone very special' sentiment.

For finishing touch I added 3 goldish pearls to top right corner of second layer.

My friend loves this card.

What do you think about it? 

Till next post friends! 

Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Soft pastels

Hiya Crafties!!!

Today something from my learning front :)

Almost two weeks ago we work with soft pastels on my artsy course. finally took pics of my work, hihihihi.

Believe it or not, I like soft pastels, but in my opinion I need lots more practice as my attempts are kinda 'tragic' :) One crucial difference between them and charcoal is... they have colours!!! Hahahaha! Need to learn how to blend them properly and how to use them to draw, that sure thing!

Here is pic of how I tried to 'feel' my pastels, so I was kinda scribbling, doodling :)

Not bad, I just concentrated too much on what is on the front of fruits, hihihihi!

Next attempt, much better - but still not exactly as I wanted... Our teacher said, she starting to see my own style here, I need to work on it :)

This one is my home practice from today... I think I used too much pressure in some points and my picture is not as good as I could have it, but... practice makes perfect, so... will be practicing :)

I'll show this one to the teacher tomorrow to have her opinion, but I'm pretty sure she'll agree with me.

That's all for today :)

Till next post Friends!

Sunday, 4 March 2018

Molly Fairy

Hiya Crafties!!!

Today card I should have ready to share with you yesterday... Bad girl me...

So... to the point!

New month starts and Spring is coming...

My card should be Springy then... so....

Why I choose purples for it??? No idea :)

This little cutie is called Molly Fairy and you can find her in Conie Fong's etsy shop just here.

She's perfect for birthday cards, Mother's Day cards etc.

As you can see I choose simple, clear layout with only one patterned paper (leaves in few shades of purple) and gold mirri card for layering.
I cut out image, layered on gold, cut out again, placed on base, added sentiment, 3 pearls and card is done!

Hope you like it :)

I want to enter it to:

That's all for now.

Till next post!!!