Sunday, 19 November 2017

Crafting Dom

Hiya my crafty friends!

Today few bits made by my 5yo.
Dom loves drawing, colouring and sticking things together.

In coming week he'll join after school Crafty Club :). Just cannot wait for his new masterpieces :).

Today we were on twins birthday party, Dom made cards for his friends.

This one for Aaron :

Cute Bears from Kinda Cute by Patricia

This one for Elliott :

Panda in Mug from Sasayaki Glitter.

Plus he's in artistic mood today and drawing...

Ghost ship - hidden in woods as you can see... lots of mushrooms around :)

Great waves here :)

He's still drawing :). So looks like I need to buy new drawing pad for him and new white cardstock for me ;).

That's all for today! 

Till next post friends!