Saturday, 30 December 2017

My Top 20 for 2017

Hiya all!!!

As it is almost end of year I decided to choose cards I like the best from these I made through the year...

I thought first: 5, but... you know :) 10 wasn't enough big number too, so... here's my 20 in monthly order or at least my faves from each month :)

Dragoon from Sasayaki Glitter

Flower vase - freebie from Conie Fong

Cupcake from Alicia Bell

Flower on the beach from Conie Fong

Free Spirit from Ching Chou Kuik

Moonflower Lullaby from Conie Fong

On the garden wall - LOTV

Dragonfly from Ching Chou Kuik

My first ATC card :)

Tori the Dragon from Conie Fong

Butterfly Kisses from Conie

Girl on mushroom from Julia Spiri

My first DT card for Particia Alvarez with Elephant and Stork.

Bella Rose from Conie

Cute images from Kuleczkowo - Princess, Dragon

Poppy Love from Ching

Mermaid from Patricia Alvarez

Bella from Conie

Tilda with Hawaii flower

and cute Xmas penguins from Conie :)

Which of them you like the most???

Till next post!!!

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