Monday, 14 November 2016

Colouring class

I know one thing, I still need lots of practice and lots of tips to be better with my colouring and blending when making stamped cards.

So.... colouring class was and is perfect idea to learn more. 

Where to find them? Internet is great to search for all kind of things and also for colouring classes. I found mine through Facebook :) If you are interested to join just check Fb group: or go to web:

I was practicing hair colouring lately, also trying to improve face colouring. Sometimes is just a matter of using different technique, sometimes you need to learn some basics about light sources, shadings etc.
My latest colouring:

One of beautiful digis from Ching-Chou etsy shop: I love her art.

Something from Dom's colouring book :)

Cute Tiddly Inks stamps :)

I think I'm better with hair colouring now, bit more practice with the rest needed, but as some smart people saying: Practice makes perfect! :)

Till next post friends!

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