Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Kid at school, so you need more cards :)

I think you know, how funny can be when your child is at nursery/school and he/she is invited for Birthday Party or is a Teacher's day or end of school year. Cards are needed!!!

Dom is artistic soul, but he still need his Mummy when he is invited for party, cause Mummy stamping nicer and she's better with colouring :). Few Dom's creations below:

We had lots of fun with these ladybirds :)

Dom's last Christmas card for nursery teachers - he still loves sticking papers :) but now he also practicing colouring and stamping so... who knows :)

 Card I made for Dom's nursery friend Grace for her birthday last year.

Lily of the Valley boys for his friend Logan :)

Cutie doggy for twins: Jasmine and Jessica :)

Spotlight technique and bear for teachers :)

I'm waiting when Dom will be old enough to teach him all I know about crafting if he still will be interested in it :). Hope he will ;)

This Friday Dom is going for Grace's 5th Birthday - this time we are bit smarter :) We know for sure she's fan of Elsa and Frozen ( she was last year too, but we didn't know :) ). So this year card for her:

My version of Elsa made with Julia Spiri digi stamp: Flower girl.

Hope Grace will like her card and prezzies ;)

That's all for today! Till next post!


  1. Very cute Elsa/Frozen card! I like the idea of making your own Thank You cards -- I should try to do that next time I need some!

    1. Thanks Matthew! I think teachers like these cards too :)