Sunday, 26 February 2017

My crafting boy :)

My son, Dom, will be 5 in May this year. He is artistic soul, I'm sure of it :)

Yes, he loves his blocks, cars, Lego and dinosaurs, but.... also painting, drawing, sticking things together. I'm very proud of him!

His first Christmas card made at nursery when he was around 3 yo.

Drawings on the wall in our living room from about the same time :) We have lots of scribbling like this on pieces of paper, his wooden table or chairs :)

He loves lots of colours on his pictures.

And definitely likes to use my tools :)

Lots of sticking as you can see above and below :)

He started to be more confident with pencils during last year..

Halloween colouring :)

And his colouring for Kit and Clowder challenge :) He didn't like result, but I think is rather good :)

Last week Dom had midterm break - whole week at home with me and Tula, and we can say he was lucky ;) I received crafting magazine which I subscribe since few years. 
Stepper card kit was a free gift with it and honestly you should see Dom's eyes when he saw it!!! Those lights in :)

He was choosing bases for each card, and pieces he'll place on them, I helped just a bit with shaping bases and adding sticky tape, rest was his job! Look:

He made 4 cards and we still have tops/embellishments for another 4 I think, so I need to prepare cards bases for him to have more fun :)

Till next post friends!