Tuesday, 25 April 2017

'Drink or Food' Challenge

This month challenge at The Wonderful World of Alicia Bel FB group is a hard choice between card connected with food or card connected with drink.

Alicia created nice amount of great stamps we could use for this challenge, just check here: http://www.aliciabel.com/index.php?id_category=37&controller=category&id_lang=1

Choice was very hard, I even asked my man what he could choose :) His answer was simple: Buy one for drink and one for food!

And that's what I did :) Bought two stamps :)

Today finally I  made my card... Perfect card for my Dad's Namesday :)

Oh yeah, what daughter I would be if I forgot about day like this?! So card for my Dad is ready to be send out :)

My dad is beer fan, so... choice was easy :)

Layout for today's card - cooperation between me and my almost 5 years old son :) Choice of papers - full approval from my son :) He perfectly knows what he wants for his Grandpa card :)

Image placed on padded foam for 3D effect, two tones creamy/brownish ribbon and gold sequins added for extra touch.

So... what do you think about my new creation friends?

Till next post!


  1. Monika I know your dad will love it!!

    1. I know Theresa! He loves all my cards :) doesn't matter how good or bad they are :)