Monday, 1 May 2017

Card for my little boy

Hiya all!

My son will be 5 on Friday this week... Time is flying!!!

I was thinking: what I should put on his birthday card?

Hmmm.... He loves Tula (his puppy), dinosaurs, trains, Lego, transformers and Paw Patrol :)

I thought: maybe his fave from Paw Patrol - Rubble, but then... from where to have a stamp?

I know Pinterest is like mine of everything we looking for, but... we bought him T-shirt and some colouring books with Paw Patrol, so.. I decided to use something else on his card.

Unfortunately I have no idea who created this cute image, so if you know, please give me a shout as I want to have a chance to give a credit to creator in here.

Decided to use light colouring and 3 patterned papers plus Dom's fave layout for his Birthday Card, I hope he will like it. I added piece of blue ribbon and few blue gems as extra touch.

And what do you think about this card?

Like it?

Till next post friends!

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