Friday, 25 August 2017

Stone art

Hiya crafty friends!!

Today's post will be about... decorating stones with children :).

Idea came to me through FB group called Northumberland Rocks.

First you decorate pebbles, then you're hiding them somewhere to be found :).

So... today morning we picked some pebbles from our front garden with Dom and decorated them with paints, markers and glitter glue. Dom enjoyed whole process a lot :)


We were in local park to hide them plus to find artsy stones hidden by others from Northumberland Rocks group. We found few great ones!!!

Below our stone picture made on canvas with using sea glass, beach pebbles, shell and driftwood :)

I'm thinking about framing this one :)

That's all for today peeps!!!

Till next post!


  1. What a great idea!! I am sure Dom had a blast!

    1. When we back from park Dom was decorating another pebble 😊. He definitely loves the idea Theresa 😊.

  2. Too cute! Such a crafty little guy!