Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Drawing with pencils

Hiya all!!!

Had my first proper lesson about drawing today - very intense one I can say. Joanne, our teacher is very good woman, encouraging...

I never had a chance to learn to draw, so... when I saw my 5 years old boy drawing, I thought: 'Come on, you cannot be worse then child! Go somewhere, learn!' - so I found a course and...

First task: blind drawing!!! Gosh! It is soooo hard to draw without looking on the paper :)

Then Joanne said: 'Draw your object', she remind us to remember about lights and shadows, plus not forgetting about material laying behind our objects...
Making shades was hard, so many light sources, but I think result is ok.

Then our next task (and last for today) was to draw 'composition' of part of objects displayed on the table.

Maybe not perfect drawing, but much better then I expected from myself :) Looks like I need bit more confidence and practice :)

Sorry for so dark pics, but we have rather cloudy day today here.

That's all for today!

Till next post!

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