Thursday, 1 February 2018

Time to learn something new :)

Hiya crafty peeps!!!

Today I don't have card for you unfortunately... Will have soon tho :)

Today I wanted to tell you about... me and... learning :) Yes! That's right! Learning. We learn whole life, so... better to learn something we want, love then something boring ;)

Through my education... I'm economist... Boring!!! Never really used. Why? I'm not mathematician, always was humanist but my parents wanted 'proper job' for me...

So I never really learn how to draw, colour, paint etc. I had a chance to be in music school, but... Mum didn't want to see me in violin class...


I'm colouring, cause I love it :) and doing my best to improve. Alyce thank you for your great classes at Kit and Clowder.

Painting? Hmmm... definitely my 5yo son is better then me so far :) Drawing? As before :) But...

I started Creative Craft/ Drawing and Painting course, so... who knows :)

Above - some of my new 'toys' hihihi.

I have about 24 weeks to explore new media, new techniques and find what I love from all these, so...

Keep your fingers crossed for me please!!!

Till next post friends!

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