Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Colouring class - October

Hiya Friends!!!

I have to tell you: I'm bad, lazy girl!! Really!


My man bought me a colouring monthly class at http://www.kitandclowder.com/. That was last year! Beautiful October class with Alyce Keegan (great teacher and owner of Kit and Clowder) colouring beautiful image created by Ching Chou Kuik ( her images you can find here: https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/gjzcck).


I watched tutorial - partially - last year, even used some of techniques showed there in my colouring, but...

Never done this class properly!!! Shocking!!!


This year, actually few days ago I decided to finally make it properly.

As I don't have in my files Ching's image which was used by Alyce, I choose to colour beautiful creation of Hannah Lynn ( check her stuff here: http://www.hannahlynnart.com/).

My progress so far:

Skin - 3 shades of green.

Eyes and lips - 2 shades of violet plus gold on jewellery.

Hair - black, lavender, yellow-green, gold.

Not sure yet what colours I use on her clothes, but I'm determined to finish this class :)

That's all for today peeps!

Till next post!