Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Drawing portrait

Hiya all!

Drawing portrait??? If someone told me year or two ago that I will, I could laugh really hard!


I'm drawing :)

Our latest lesson on course was about it and...

first task: one line drawing...

Dreadful task when you are using charcoal - pencils better with it (confirmed by our teacher).

Next task: free hand live drawing

Trevor even looks ok on this drawing :) Definitely recognizable :)

Next task: draw portrait as showed in step by step instruction - measurements

Didn't look like on instruction, but measurements done good :)

Then Joanne asked me to try the same again but only with charcoal - no initial outlines with pencil

This guy looks younger! Hahahahaha!


We still had 1 hour left, so Joanne said to me and Trevor, to try to draw each other again but this time with using step by step measurement instruction... that was fun :)

And what was Joanne reaction for this drawing?

'Trevor you look younger on this picture!'

Fact, he is :)

No Photoshop needed hihihihihi!

Till next post!

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