Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Monet and Kandinsky

Hiya peeps!

Today artsy course update.

Last week we had lesson about Claude Monet and Impressionists. Beautiful paintings.

Our task?

We supposed to use acrylics, but teacher said I can use soft pastels.

Then I had to paint another one with acrylics anyway cause I was to fast with pastels 😊. 

Acrylics are not my faves... not bad painting, I'm just not very happy with result. 

Today we talked about Kandinsky and abstract art.
Our task was paint our version of Kandinsky's painting below:

First I used soft pastels and charcoal

then decided to have another go with watercolours. 

Although I prefer use pastels I like my watercolour version better this time 😊.
Kinda brighter, less messy.

What do you think? 

That's all for today. 

Till next post friends! 

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