Friday, 14 October 2016

Cards for family - birthday and Valentines

Since I started my adventure with card making I made lots of different kinds of cards - for family, friends, neighbours, for sale and for practising :).

Card making is very creative hobby, something perfect for artistic souls - you don't need to be painter or be great with drawing - you just need to have no fear, artist is in every person, sometimes just hidden deep inside, you don't know that if you not try, so.... have a go!

In this post I'll show few cards I made for my man and our parents. Just few, cause don't see a point to overload any of you with photos :).

Valentine's cards for my man :)

2014 I was playing with textures :) I love handmade paper :)

2015 - bit of goth :) plus doggy - my man is proper dog lover :)

This year Valentine's card :)

Here few birthday/namesday cards for parents :)

For my Mum - gold and cream birthday card - she loved it :)

For my Dad's birthday - I love blue/yellow combo :)

For my man's Mum birthday - lots of embossing, shading plus feathers :) - my friend's Pat idea.

Namesday card for my Dad - he liked colours on it :)

This year Namesday card for my Mum :) She likes to received handmade cards :)

Making cards giving a chance to play with colours, textures, dies, images, you can use buttons, feathers - almost anything to create something amazing, something that will be loved and treasured by a person who receive it.
That is why I'm doing it :) cause I love to give something made by myself, something one of a kind :) Cause every piece you make is One Of  A Kind.


  1. You need to make more cards for your shop!!

  2. Have some already Theresa 😊. Need take photos and list them 😊.