Thursday, 20 October 2016

When friend asks you for something special

Oh, yes!!! I'm sure your friends asking you for special cards every time they need them :). It is like special customer order, cause most of the time you know recipient of the card.

I have lovely friends in Canada and 2 years ago Chris asked me for card for his wife Joanna for their 15th Anniversary - that was a challenge for me, cause I never made anniversary card before. I asked my crafty friend for help - we spend one of our Friday evenings on proper brain storm and result of it you can see below:



Just in few days apart Joanna had her birthday - so I also made birthday card which Chris asked for too :)

Gold and cream - sentiment in Polish.

Sometime later Joanna asked for few cards which she decided to buy through my etsy shop, here they are:

Wedding card for her niece

Birthday card for her younger daughter

Confirmation card for her older daughter

Below special wedding card I was asked for by a girl I know from nursery I was volunteering in.

 This card was a massive project, because she needed something in navy blue what will have this 'Wow' factor and because bride is her long term and best friend. Two evenings with planning, checking papers, die-cutting at my friend's Pat house was worthy of the result and huge smile on requester face :).

I was also making bunch of Christmas cards for Linda - lady who helped with English class in community centre where I was volunteering few years ago.

One from 14 cards I made for her - each one different.

Christmas card I made as customer order for etsy team mate for her Sneaky Santa partner.

That's all for today :). More cards next time ;)


  1. Absolutely beautiful, Monika! And I'm sure they are even more amazing in person!

  2. Beautiful, I'm loving these amazing cards! :)

  3. Oh, Monika, these are the most splendid cards, you have such great creativity!