Monday, 24 October 2016

When you need something for special friend

My etsy team is bunch of lovely people. Every year before Christmas (actually around October) we starting sign up for team Sneaky Santa. This year Sneaky Santa sign up started few days ago :) so now we are working on our wish lists, waiting for rest of peeps to join up and definitely cannot wait for info for who each of us will be a Sneaky Santa :)

Last year gift for my Sneaky friend was a huge paper crafting project :) Charlie loves Japan and stationary.
Fact I bought nice earrings for her, also made jewellery set for her, but I wanted to make special stationary set - oriental, cherry blossom, etc.

                                      Here card I sent her with gifties and wishes to her.

Here stationary set I made.

Thank you card and tag - set contained 5 per each.

Writing paper with envelopes.

Her reaction for it? Look, here pic from her Instagram :)

Looking for paper which will be perfect as writing paper took me a bit of time, but after stamping, adding just a bit of colour, wrapping all up and sending away and then knowing that Charlie like her gifts gave me a feeling of deep satisfaction :). 

Now I'm waiting for this year Sneaky Santa challenge, cause I really like my sneaky friends and do my best to spoil rotten my this year Sneaky Santa partner :)


  1. I remember all the lovely things you sent Charlie!! This year should be fun!

  2. Fingers crossed for that Theresa :) Just cannot wait :)