Sunday, 16 October 2016

Cards for family - Easter and Christmas

Christmas and Easter - so special events required special cards - don't you think?

I tried lots of techniques during years, die-cuts, stamping, even decoupage :). Lots of fun every time. I gathered nice collection of Christmassy stamps and dies from crafty magazines :) but as it is typical for every crafter still looking for new things :) - card making is addictive and not cheap hobby :) but very satisfying.

Bit of Christmas

2014 I think - card made at my friends as she has better dies selection :)

Little digi fairy :)

On this card I used spotlight technique I read in crafty magazine.

Bit of Easter

I used watercolour pencils on this one :)

Playing with textures here :)

Cards from 2014 and 2015... I love these bunnies - stamps from one of crafty magazines.

I love to make stamped cards, but die-cutting is also nice technique :) Just try as many techniques as you want - surely you find something you fancy the most.


  1. These are great, Monika, and I thank you for letting me know about digi stamps, which I had never heard of before you mentioned them. I had thought that stamps were only the rubber kind bought in stores.

  2. Thank for your comment Matthew ☺. You can find lots of digis on etsy.