Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Cards for neighbours

When you are lucky as we are to have lovely neighbours, you always trying to remember about their birthday. I'm trying my best, cause they remember about ours too :).

Most of our neighbours are pensioners, some of them keen gardeners. Making cards for them is a pleasure.

This card I made for Pat - lovely and elegant Lady for her 70th birthday - cream and gold combo, I have this one printed in paper crafting magazine :)

This one was for Margaret - another lovely neighbour who make us welcome on our new address over 7 years ago :) - cream and purple.

Birthday card for Arthur - Margaret's hubby, who is keen gardener :), first time I used kraft cardstock :)

I think I should take photos of every card I make for them, but sometimes just don't have time for it.

Now it is time to properly start Christmas card making, cause have lots of neighbours to whom I giving cards :)



  1. You do a great job on your cards Monika. The idea is to also enjoy making them as well as giving them.

  2. Those are beautiful cards Monika, nothing better then handmade cards!!