Wednesday, 25 April 2018

In artistic mood

Hello peeps!

Today bit of my drawing/painting as I was playing/doing homework for my course/chilling out for last few days.

Definitely I am not material for Cubist 😊,  but ...

Cubistic style in landscapes looks OK here 😊.

As I prefer charcoal and soft pastels lately and cityscapes are tempting...

I draw this pic, my teacher said: 'Contemporary' as it 'is to realistic for Cubism'.

Also tried charcoal portrait 😊

My little man when about 8 months old - from photo. Not bad but need more practice with mouth, nose and eyes.

Yesterday I enjoyed making my first ever collage 

Teacher's review: 'Good use of different sorts of papers, realistic.'
She recognised place 😊. St. Mary's lighthouse in Whitley Bay 😊. 
She also suggested to try more abstract and contemporary collages. Definitely something interesting to try.

Today's lesson was about pointillism, strange and time consuming technique... not my fave really..
One of my works 

We'll see how I will feel with Impressionists styles next week... theoretically we need acrylic paints, but she said I can use soft pastels for it.. phew 😊.

That's all for today! 

Till next post friends!