Thursday, 19 April 2018

Picasso style

Hiya peeps!

Today little update from my artsy course 😊.  After 2 weeks of Easter break I back to my lessons. We had Picasso and Cubism yesterday.

Hmmm.. interesting but I am not good in this style of drawing /painting. .. I'm more into realism then abstract /geometry...

First we were drawing portraits of each other - no Cubism whatsoever on mines 😊. Just look:

Then we were drawing 'still life'.. took me 3 attempts to make it looks like kinda Cubistic/Picasso style 😊.

Definitely oil pastels are better for 2D pics then soft pastels - no smudges or shadows.

Still need to catch up with collage and paintings in Georgia O'Keeffe style.

Next week - pointillism - sounds very interesting :)

That's all for today!

Till next post friends!


  1. Wow Monika, I know absolutely nothing about different art styles but I'm glad that you're having fun with this!

  2. Oh I have Judy 😊. One day I will find my own style, I hope.